Sunday 26 March 2023

  Not me, ever, but as it became apparent a decade ago that the digital 'message' is not a human mode of anything, especially transmitting a bit of splendid   coração,  despite this legal case certainly being the first where 'social media' was tested in front of the grandest of judges "  oi up.. ... when we've finished peering at a Kardashian's backside  we might want to tell our stories on our socials, like, matey.."

"ok if you must..we have better things to do, like fight you scruffs in legal cases, where we actually own your asses no matter what you say on your socials.."

I do not use social media - even tweet. Because i never found anyone who actually DID anything - become a real ally...

I have a few old google email addresses now unused and a few accounts with bits and bobs i hardly ever look at, and very old virtually unused facebook 

All of which are a pain in the bum to monitor - switching between 'identities' orthe poor little cookies get confused.

I really only operate via PHONE   or whatsap on 07958 five two six 381  now. Should anyone wish to be ally. And trying to rationalise email into only one account in use giveittothemanproductions [atsign gee mail com] not that i expect anyone to be brave enough and join up