Friday 17 March 2023

Give It To The Man Productions projects

 I, Simon, wish to find a small team  - a  'collective' of sorts, to take forward one main project for now, but in time a couple of others.

All are linked by several simple ethos's.

In short, keep it simple, stay focused and authentic. Never feel hard done by - there is ALWAYS a silver lining, and stay on course. As long as one is not causing real harm to others. Though of course debate upon that is what has kept humanity rather up at night for millennia.

I would like a team of equals.

Main film for now.

The story of  how against the odds, to say the least, a major British legal cultural change came about whereby the Freedom to BE INFORMED was elevated into the highest rungs of the whole civil legal ecosystem.

This set precedents that still are very much forefront on public debate, today.

I shall be removing the material on this film onto the main site soon that is story and ancillary issues  

I do not expect to make any money from that project. It would be nice to have a little personal running costs cash for a year or so, otherwise I have for twenty years got by on almost no regular income at all. 

IF there is money ever coming from that project it will be ploughed in to other projects. None of the other projects are unique to me, and I hope others will join in as equals in those projects.

The one closest to my own heart is film (after some writing - I write under a penname) about living as simply and low cost as possible and always finding the silver lining such that many a time for years I often say I would not have my own life any other way.

In fact by dint of such super cut back, super simple living, it means that I have kept up the mental focus and energy for many years  to  keep a very vivid and hopeful vision in my head that the aforementioned main film may, and should, be made.

My bona fides

Firstly on 'transparency'.

I have quite accidentally off and on in life, from young adulthood  (meaning never sought) rubbed up against those in the 'creative industries'. I have seen and heard all the shenanigans that go one. 

I am so into transparent fairest dealings that frankly anyone can even be shown my personal bank account by whatsap video as often as they need, if required; and all collaborative and partnership work in my world gets done to a 'manifesto' and clear-cut written agreement from outset as to who will be able to take which fin al decisions, and fairest division of any monies and expenses payments.  

This video on my channel where i riff upon issues connected to   the story / project cannot be clearer about protection and transparency in respect of any involvement by others in any project 

In fact i have the last 6 months been assisting a many year acquaintance who had a large music and 'wellbeing' she had three years worked on, cancelled at the last minute, with a large many thousand pounds financial black hole resulting. I assisted her attempting to placate her many creditors. The method i used was to publish online ALL her bank accounts and the fullest story so that those who had paid out monies up front could see a fullest paper trail and no intended fraud. It worked.  People who had for months been screaming down phones at her, began to accept the genuine story of best intentions. Transparency is a wonderful fait accompli, benefit to all souls.