Wednesday 13 July 2022

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Even if one has 'tongue in cheek disorder' - the biggest 'tragedy' of my own last year, being meeting and spending time with one fine mind whom nevertheless wishes to live a load of these labels  in respect of her fine sprog's mind, and it is now the complete inability of the Bitisher to discern that which must be and is being playfully mocked as a satire, and that woven in which is deadly serious which endlessly causes real pain. Because there is no hope if that is so.  It is deadly fucking serious if a Local Authority council doctors court papers and removes children for LIFE based on such papers (as Lord Justice Munby wrote in his paper for me in 2005 - obviously...) as even MPs - especially  Hemming, time and time again have shown to be a regular enough occurrence. 

Not tongue in cheek: having read a recent simply superb satire, and also consumed one on the screen - a rare occurrence for Misteroff-grid, i doubt that anyone really gets any more that superb satire is written not just for cutesy gold stars in reviews, it should be written to cause people to act.

And I am not sure that will happen these days Ever. Really...(starting p a Facebook 'activist' group so as to get a self regarding slot on the BBC doesn't count as an 'action' sorry.... )

However ... reading... yes... in that one line: And i only  mulled towards this realisation hillwalking this winter gone

[intro line: if Louise - the one who made Panorama, not other Louises who may have minds... had a soul and had written  or stated " we cannot cover in the press  these Nazi actions because the millions spent using nice Simon as forerunner  - LJ Wall everyone knew.... to sort this fuckin thing out once and for all - so that our own lawyers would find it a simple matter not to block us exposing these true crimes the county council... which was sorted out once and for fuckin all ... for 8 or  9 years by Simon....except people like me then failed to RETAIN... fight to RETAIN those rights to HMG did a fast one and wiped out all Simon's great accidental work which did sort out this cultural change once and for all! he wouldn't have t write today" ] when EVERYone  - including your own activist and legal expert i had access too - some quite loved,  says " no way matey can you a stupid ex gaolbird pleb  interpret the lore more accurately than us, and EVERYone else in the justice system, and journalist system and have for decades... you are wrong and havent a hope, which actually is rather hurtful, bt because of a mind developed for years via great literature i imagined i was right and was able to hold on to that imagined' being right no matter what i was rudely told ... and then bless em a million quids worth of legal test case with the finest legaslmindsin the land go and find...i was after all right, and theyw ere all...Miss Taken...
that is what books - the really really good ones.. Silas....The Mars Room....  even How to Kill yer Ferkin Family....are for.... 
as imagination, plus love = power. Though of course everyone's even frightened of that in YUK these days. 
So we better give just the pleb version - staying true to your guns - retaining a carefully ascertained truth, in your head,  when you know very humbly you are right...and the baddies are wrong... and that requires imagination which i do believe requires rather a lot of solo bookreading...over years. 
Oh and one last little  dig... ones own grave is within books that trade on confected pity or vulnerability. The aforementioned three books contain no self pity. and thus one can truly LEARN from them...  properly learn. The  move to pity and vulnerability being compulsory in every UK lit book I  have read for years, except Rushbridger's daughter' the end. Thank god she saved us from that swamp of no return.