Sunday 10 April 2022


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To reprise from below... so little sit down time to edit properly...And this was not a begging bowl. see


This has a better more biting summary than I have managed to put up in the past attempts.

But ladies, this is about ladies far far more than us men...and if its not too hard a thing to simplify, the very very most fundamental way you secure your daughters' 'safety'. I cared about that of mine. Why I dedicated a lot of my life to something still few understand.

end of reprise-----

In fact only one 'credit' i don't think i doodled anywhere else, the whole world needs to listen to an interview with a man on bbc radio 4 about 2012 Woman's Hour..... 

I will never forget it though have forgotten the date so it will take months to find again:

slightly chaotic underclassish words spoken by a 50ish year old man almost at his end... (in and out of gaol etc) but so obviously sincerely: "  me bit of a jack the lad.. too much beer.. other stuff too...argy bargy..bad boy... and the beer and the other stuff were taking over... but then when i started to have my 5 year old daughter come to tea once a week, and then stay some weekends...  the days running up to that my whole behaviour changed i cut way down on the bad habits and sorted myself out when i had never in my whole life been able to think about sorting myself out. started to clean the house before she came when i used to leave the cans piling up for months...... ..way to go... but i know why i must now.. and hardly ever get sloshed or in a mess nowadays... "

made up for years of rubbish to come... ;-)

must try and get a copy... sure they wont answer their email either...

PLUS: why a few females in a loose team has always been rather obviously a preference. 

Dealing with anything in the public domain regarding children or even issues between woman and man, one gets so so so tired of the undercurrent.... 

A man cannot say to some publisher or other gatekeeper, " shut the f up with this completely counterproductive little undercurrent that many a chap is latent axe murderer or otherwise baddie.. " and i assume... know, in fact.. that the newer generation of female commentariat and journalists and gatekeepers would even balk at " well when i spent a day chatting with superjourno Tessa at The Mail it was so so refreshing to hear her tone when she chimed most forcefully  'yes we know a fair few more women lie hand on the bible in court than men..' ..."

lies like that really really do traumatise for a lot one loony man probably growing pot on the stolen electricity in the hills at their premises hotwired into the mains, attacked me once  - violently.. that was forgotten in a few months  despite being the only physical attack of my adult life..intent to  murder exclaimed ; really horrid lies to people in power about you regarding people you really do love and live never forget