Friday 8 April 2022

If anyone is actually 'reading' this.....

 By which i mean anyone who has ever run a website or blogsite used as website knows - they're great... easier than Wordpress... the 'analytics' are very suspicious. I never look. And anyway often one sees suddenly many hundreds of pageviews from Azerbaijan or thousands from Alaska, as if one has gone 'viral' in such wonderful places. When it is obviously some computer somewhere that is doing something with your webpage that analytics thinks is readers viewing.

It is wonderful to know nothing. All second guessing is just a diversion from good original thinking about what matters - and what we know of ourselves - the true version. Ort what life would be like with children in our houses. Forget all else. (as i would often say to folk i would counsel about their family issues - few would be it).

As i write in it's a good thing being left so often on the edge. Sure sharpens up the  mind. I had long planned trying to push this out a little. I have NO idea what people really think. But as i have been very busy trying to salvage a range of rural tools and building materials and fencing materials etc et etc after gentrification eviction, as one must, I am not at my best but DO wish to get on with this ... if anyone fancies having a punt... time the most precious commodity. I don't believe in wasting mine especially at a keyboard - why i haven't edited fully for typos thus far. 

But this is my one big two year in mind thrust ... last effort. Try and get the thing somewhere, and then get on with other things i enjoy rather more pondering. And poetically pontificating upon.

Thing is what a great few years for myself  - somehow i have maybe had my time away from dull issues like this and am reenergised.  5, 10 years ago if someone helping publish something with me had spoken about the publicity rounds afterwards i would not have been keen - meaning it is all rather dull. And i like to be in the middle of nowhere rather than anywhere. But maybe i have a new  focus and its not anything personal it is simply that some people at least i realised the last few years weren't fearful of REALLY trying to discuss the important stuff as we were required to be not gadding about too much. For me a deep philosophical time of hope almost... 

Anyway any interest i have even lost my best new story snippets files  - there are some on other site.  Get in touch phone i far prefer. 7 days a week up at 6am latest. No Britisher ever 'commits' to anything for real.   Even the parenting agreements i brought into Uk law as first ever example  - commended to everyone else as great "template" by Justice Hedley in 2005. No commitment have nothing to lose. And i do know a good movie has never really been made on any successful giving it to the man.