Tuesday 29 March 2022

 One short post of video waffle to upload here tomorrow.

In short for a decade one listens to the metropolitan, metrosexual, metro this and that, commentators and decision makers speak about society in such a  bankrupt way...well... then covid came along and every smartarse speaks of "pivoting" and ...well no one speaks of exactly what real pivoting will be required to pay back the huge national debt. 

There is only one pivoting that will work now. Stacey and Max  Keiser before they ran away for years spoke wonderfully of the truth of crony capitalism. But even that is a fey term. "Banksters" not much use either. 

I understand from their great work and that of others the reality of the modern economic system. It isn't long term viable. It obviously wasn't several decades ago.

There always was only one way to 'pivot' and that is the way it used to be - it takes a village to raise a child; and then a village of children grown up with good attachments to all the old fossils they grew up around, who's bottoms they will have to wipe when all the councils cannot afford to run the not viable old folks homes any more.

And as per many wonderful 'debates' few years ago i would have with local good burghers - only when more ordinary people start supporting in all sorts of ways especially 'moral support' any parent in their area where there is a wobble under the roof...  will we have even begun that simple obvious 'pivot' that is the only way the next generations will have any kind of functional actual society.

I have worked loosely with a  range of people - more female than male, with  fairly serious behaviours ongoing at times... it's amazing the amount of official government approved nurses and formal carers are on hard drugs in the uk! One does ones best but no one can listen. ("at 45 ...well i think its time maybe to take this very very seriously") .

But then to hear the way the Labor party the last few years have made every smallest electoral moment about emotional blackmail over fee nursery places so mum can go out and buy more smartphones to leave their kid in front of or dad  spend all his time on hardly ever meeting eye to eye his  supposedly beloved child's eyes ...never mind in the superb real science book Affluenza leaving children out of nurseries for as many years as practicable  is the opposite of child abuse.

It is as if no one can listen to the simplest societal messages. ...

It has become a clich√© to my age group - all those  younger parents now on their damn phone rather than even enjoy their children we have for such a short time. 

Turkeys have roosts too. 

You have to fight to make it work... even fight to make home life or life with peers healthy. But if i did it - that's my own true personal claim to anything. No matter what....  make home life with a zoo (on no money ever) so many activities - horses, riverswimming.... no matter whar... no matter what...what.... your kid has full attention all day  so that at the end of it they happily zonk out  not even recalling a screen was ever invented. It's possible...

But heresy to say so...

That's the pivot you actually need.  

...... impossible for me to use the screen quickly - old damp gorgeous rustic ruined houses so many years the laptop keyboards  stop working properly within months of purchase these days they are so tacky.... but the process of trying  the impossible, keeps you....alive.