Sunday 27 March 2022

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please note, when one is clearly a little 'anti establishment' or maverick, or nestbeschmutzer,  or just doen't have regulation collar length hair and brogues, you don't get a full page in the Telegraph newspaper on you  unless they know   you are an ethical person and focused and  intelligent ... whatever... these things don't just come about, you have to spend hours or days speaking with the journalists... just for a large paragraph. And they don't send one out to you a long way from London to your house, with a propper tog also in tow to capture your ugly mug,  unless they really want to know you... (Liz Day came with me that day to my daughter's sports day... that ruffled a few oily feathers, i should coco..)

And no one dictates  The Torygraph, "there WILL be  a picture of my daughter with her baby ferrets or no deal." 

(you'll have to view a little of my video  waffle to understand why that was so important.... it must always be inclusive - a child should see her real life she cares about in the paper too...) 

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There are other rather radical funding pitches in the can but not yet published here. Soon..

There are a few talks recorded (with others) the last few weeks that need to go up here, that give very convincing rationale for overall societal need to think far more in the future about family attachments. Paying for ever more 'social care' is absurd when national debt  interest rates are about to rise steeply. Uk has been bust for decades.    That model was not ever long term  viable. Only closer familial support is viable an economic model for our children's generation.


reboot ....but change of plan. 

Form a production company to partner with others to take forward   the film doodled with at

and the slightly more scandalous private version


very first back of fag packet format

many typos, still editing and writing up.

Follows on from this recent summary new page posted on my other site  a few days ago.  This has a better more biting summary than I have managed to put up in the past attempts.

But ladies, this is about ladies far far more than us men...and if its not too hard a thing to simplify, the very very most fundamental way you secure your daughters' 'safety'. I cared about that of mine. Why I dedicated a lot of my life to something still few understand.

27 March 2022.

Wearing several different hats for 15+ years i have a range of ongoing communication  - often sent out from my outbox at dawn, on various topics attempting to find allies in one or other 'cause'. But only for a few hours of the day, - I  never even read an email or text after mid morning. It will wait until tomorrow...

Sorry to be a goodie goodie but in my 20s and 30s i often gobbled up half a dozen decent books a week   - classics. Literature. Especially those of all those Europeans. And plenty of the better science. They have lots of pages, those good books, often. Of course we know that  some authors dazzle with those paired down short books. In fact one of my very few literary heroes, Thomas Bernhard, in Voice Imitator is master at the art of two or three paragraphs only per short story. 

I find a truly worrying fashion in society the last five or so years. If one sits down to carefully write to someone trying to fully explain an opportunity or the like  - and fully explain often requires seven or maybe even eight paragraphs, one often receives a reply (if they can spell 'propriety' and botyer)  including words to the effect "my my you do write long emails".  Obviously meant as almost a querulous rejoinder "off off you bugger this is too 'intrusive' for me...."

In short it seems years on their silly phones 'messaging' of course proceeded by the two line silly comment on facebook has inculcated a fascism towards  anything more than two lines  as if it is some personal attack; or in modern nonsense parlance 'micro aggression'.

My hero wrote his book Extinction. I was given a copy by a fabulous  worldly world travelling truly courageous beautiful Frenchwoman in 2005 (it's part of the film!  the first main one, this happened in Essouaria as it happens) )

when you have read Extinction three times - all 340 odd pages with NOT EVEN A PARAGRAPH BREAK.... and it repeats, loops here and there, doesn't use any big words actually but it is called a propper book - real hard long sentences... . For grown ups. page after page of dense dense words.  When you have read it three times and still laugh out loud on the third reading ... only then have you earned the right to criticise my wordiness or far too much video....

And C├ęcile and i were right. 2005ish reviews of Master Bernhard's work were hesitant. By a few years ago you will see that the really thoughtful ones on goodreads etc they are beginning to at last elevate him to what a piece of masterpiece this always was...

This is not about being Bernhard. And in fact the concepts that need sharing are pretty simple. Very in fact. But years of experience has taught me where so many have no experience of the 'issues'  people do find it confusing. So i try to explain. . Thus, a lot of explaining or at least description in such a way its pretty obvious i am an expert and know my stuff - i.e. have authority.... so if you are interested no snarky digs, and... tell me what you want to do.... i do not need any opinions other than how to get this material at last a decent wide audience. OR  YOUR OPINION ON HOW YOU MAY JOIN ME PROVISIONALLY IN SEEING IF YOU CAN BE AN EFFCIENT OPERATOR HELPING THAT HAPPEN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE...

nothing else thanks...smileything.

i have some talents and contacts, but many blind spots and inadequate areas.

i was told in writing by a very happening mature filmmaker i could write very engagingly - in a rather alive way - you can see the email. she had seen a lot of my writing.

i actually have a very good eye with a  camera not that it is relevant as more experienced folk with fancy kit, required.

I have one negative talent - i can do siting at a computer all day editing or messing around with all kinds of media but i never wish to do this again in my life. Life is too short. So i won't. I wont be fiddling with ay professional's edits. 

I can speak with anyone, but no one finds me charming . Some realise they have never met anyone as sincere and dedicated. Well quite a few really, but as they dont find me charming they never speak with me again. 

I can be intelligent some days...some days not so...i often miss the absolutely blindingly obvious sat on my van bonnet right in front of me. But its fun doing things the hard way.... often. 

Oh yes... psychology and mental health and all that - many years i have had a deep interest ONLY at a philosophical level of what's really going on. And truth, the few good psychs admit we don't know. But i do know one thing about the mind spirit whatever..... its the PROCESS  that keeps you alive. Evolves you. And it doesn't matter what the result of the game is... 

Everyone who even spends 5 minutes speaking with me you all bankrupt or out of work forever in short shift. Unimportant. It really is the process, and the harder they seem to achieve, then far far far more life enhancing is the inevitable...failure. And if you knowhow tom fail best, you feel  younger each time.

Unless of course....

But then she believed in angels...... 

I don't. 

I do believe in some weird magic though, though have utterly no idea what the deal is...

please mail at xxxxxx 

But.... another 'skill'. If you know a more intelligent approach to grown up PR / lobbying for funds, please tell me....

here it is

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Within a few days there will be a few testimonials here on this site from local mothers of girls who know me well.